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Dodge Charger SE

Charger 1
A nice example of the breed. The owner wanted high end sound without vehicle modifications.
Charger 2
The SE package and leather interior make this a rare one.
Charger 3
The Custom Autosound radio fits like a glove without cutting. USB and aux in give all the music you could want.
Charger 4
Sirius satellite radio mounts in a removable console for correct look at car shows.
Charger 5
The Power amplifier hides behind the spare out of sight.
Charger 6
Even under closer inspection things don't seem out of place.

Project Name: Dodge Charger SE

Year: 1971

Make: Dodge

Model: Charge SE

Date Completed: 10/03/2012

Manufacturer: Custom Autosound

Description: High end sound for a clean old classic.